Read the #Jeunesse375Mtl Project Final Report

Publié le 21 novembre 2017 14:55

Read the #Jeunesse375Mtl Project Final Report


The Forum jeunesse de l’île de Montréal (FJÎM) and its partners are proud to share with you the English Version of the Final Report of the #Jeunesse375Mtl Project. This report contains the aspirations, wishes and ideas of hundreds of young Montrealers. The 25 dreams that have emerged from the #Jeunesse375Mtl Initiative are the result of true youth engagement that reflects Montreal’s image: diverse, engaged and innovative.

In November, 2016, 19 engagement ambassadors representing the 19 Montreal districts were selected to deliver the mandate of reaching out to youth from their districts in order to gather their input, perceptions and dreams for their neighborhoods and city. In a gymnasium, in a youth home, at their neighborhood YMCA, through a multitude of activities more than 40 meetings between youth aged 12 to 30 years were held throughout Montreal. Close to 700 youth completed a survey intended to gather their opinions and recommendations about the development of their city. And as it is sometimes beneficial to take a look around us in pursuit of further development and improvement, the 19 ambassadors took part in four exploratory missions internationally in order to gather best practices from elsewhere and propose them for Montreal.

The Youth Summit that took place on May 6 – 7, 2017, was undoubtedly the highlight of this major operation. For two days, hundreds of participants had the opportunity to get inspired, interact, debate and have their voices heard. Involved youth who were not as new to the initiative, representing a diverse segment of the population from east to west and south to north of the island, mobilized and allowed themselves to envision what Montreal would be like by the time its 400th anniversary rolls around. The youth also had the opportunity to present their dreams to about ten elected officials from the City of Montreal.

The 25 dreams are:

  • Democracy By, For and With Youth
  • Bringing Youth Closer to the City Administration
  • A Strong Sense of Community
  • A Universal Accessibility Policy
  • A Place for Youth in International Affairs
  • The Arts as a Testament to Montreal’s Diversity
  • The Arts, an Integral Part of Our Daily Lives
  • An Exciting and Safe Nightlife
  • Universally Accessible Education
  • Easy Access to Digital and Technological Learning
  • An Increasingly Intelligent City
  • Innovative Transportation
  • Car-Free Daily Living
  • Biking as a Way of Life
  • A City of Sustainable Development
  • Montreal Zero Waste
  • Citizens Who Share and Reuse
  • Accommodating New Forms of Economy
  • A City that is a Pioneer in Fair Trade
  • A Larger Place for Urban Farming
  • Healthy Citizens
  • Mental Health at the Heart of our Concerns
  • Accessible Sports and Leisure Activities
  • Support for Sexual and Gender Diversity Stakeholders
  • Montreal, an Ambitious City

To read the #Jeunesse375Mtl Project Final Report click here.   


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